Bad Debt

Bad Debt Recovery

A seamless process to roll the accounts from early-out recovery to bad debt collections can be easily implemented and provide an effortless transition for your health system while limiting the number of vendor partners to manage.

Our approach to patient collections does not differ much from the interactions we have as a patient counselor when approaching Early Out recovery. We invest in our people to make sure they are treating your patients with the utmost in respect and dignity. The bad debt collections environment is heavily regulated; therefore, Gulf Coast is licensed in all 50 states and follow closely the regulations as set by each State, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Compliance is the key

In addition to maintaining compliance, investing in our employees, and always treating patients with the utmost in respect we seek out and collaborate with other receivables management firms within our industry to share best practices on how to best to serve the healthcare industry and be the trusted advisor your Hospital can turn to for guidance. This has led Gulf Coast to advocate for the healthcare industry with state and federal regulators to have fair and reasonable rules that make sense in a modern world. Jack Brown, our President, has chaired the Advocacy Committee for many years that is responsible for Federal Legislative, Judicial, and Regulatory Advocacy.

Our approach is simple

Experienced Knowledgeable Responsive Receivables Management

Mobile-enabled communications via text & email

“Ability for the consumer to pay in a time and place that is convenient for them via a Dedicated Patient Portal.”

Technology that is Flexible & Modern

We utilize superior collection platforms and seamless contact management experiences involving an all-in-one solution for our modern communication methods.

Both systems interfaces to allow us to monitor hundreds of thousands of accounts at once through very sophisticated workflows to ensure there is no account left behind by way of collection efforts and to make sure we are meeting the necessary service requirements to return accounts where we have specific contracted retention periods.

By our standards, accounts are always worked as we utilize real time monitoring to uncover when a patient’s circumstance has changed, and they are now in position to pay our healthcare partners.

A.I. Compliance Detection

We use cutting-edge tools designed for contact centers. Our platform empowers Gulf Coast with the ability to manage teams as if they were in a brick-and-mortar facility. The level of engagement is determined using the end users webcam (provided by Gulf Coast) and Facial Recognition A.I. inherent in the tool, all in real time. We can use the tool to:

The tool adapts to our individual or client needs and offers complete visibility into our organization’s workloads and projects.

Custom Report to your Specifications

We can produce any manner of reports your health system would require. Our systems allow us to program to fit your exact specifications, including those reports identified as important to your hospital.

Improve your revenue cycle

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