Extended Business Office/Early Intervention Services

Early-Out Recovery

Our team of resolute professionals work to ensure a positive patient experience while returning maximum recoveries to our clients by employing a patient-friendly recovery model. Our team, technology, and processes are why thousands of healthcare professionals of various size trust Gulf Coast as their revenue cycle management partner.

We recognize that clear communication between healthcare professionals and patients are more important than ever. Gulf Coast will continue to bring consistency, clarity, and transparency to patient financial communications by adhering to the best practices when recovering early-stage accounts receivables. Ever-increasing payment structures in the healthcare industry can lead to confusion among patients when dealing with their financial responsibilities associated with receiving medical care; Gulf Coast helps provide clarity to the patients of Phoebe Health when assisting them in resolving their healthcare account balance and by providing multiple communication options for their convenience.

An Intelligent Approach to Patient Communication

We understand that patient friendly statements generate more payments, reduce A/R days, and improve patient satisfaction. Our statements are clear, concise, and accurate providing not only print direction for the patient but also direction for modern communication options as every patient’s circumstance is unique.

Providing Flexible Options for Patients

When a statement is simply that……a piece of paper. Digital engagement is the preferred method of most households today dominating the media by creating an effective strategy to connect the patient to the one device they seem to always have on their person, the cell phone. Digital flexibility in today’s environment is more attainable than you think. Gulf Coast would devise a program to prepare the system for digital readiness by starting with your self-pay population and explore future features for Pre-Service Engagement potentially including the following:

All at the touch of a hand for compliant convenience and efficiency.

Personalizing a Payment Experience

Because we can personalize a payment experience for each individual patient, we can offer payment options that prescribe a proven amount a patient should be able to pay once directed and engaged with the portal. In the long-term, this helps achieve a higher rate of payment obligations fulfilled from your patients. Understanding that today consumers want to communicate across certain modalities, the Custom Patient Portal gives both the patient and our representatives insight into the account activity to ensure consistency at every patient touchpoint.

One of the goals of the Custom Portal is to promote self-sufficiency. The patient self-service experience has been designed with intuitive screens and options where a patient can log into the secure environment that doesn’t require usernames and passwords making it easy for them to always access their accounts in a time and place that’s convenient for them. From there, patients can easily set-up and manage their payments – including payment plans, enroll or access electronic statements, set-up their payment preferences and wallet and see past statements and activity for easy record keeping.

Built with a modern design that can be configured with your colors and logos, as well as being responsive so patients get the same experience whether working on their laptop, mobile phone or tablet; the portal was designed for inclusion and ADA compliance.

Patients Enjoy Doing Business with Us

Patient satisfaction is critically important to Gulf Coast and our healthcare partners. Patients are more likely to revisit a medical provider if they have high satisfaction with the billing and collection procedures of a provider. Gulf Coast works hand in hand to implement your billing and collection procedures as well as provide suggestions on best practices. Patient satisfaction is achieved through consistent, clear, and transparent communications between the revenue cycle departments and the patient.  For that reason, Gulf Coast developed CSR 360 to address patient satisfaction concerns.

Never Underestimate the Value of a Phone Conversation

We understood that many complaints are a biproduct of the challenges traditional agencies face when not being able to help a patient on the initial call. We believe in one call resolution. Since implemented, we have seen a significant increase in patient satisfaction and recoveries.

Improve your revenue cycle

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