Probate Recovery Systems

A nationally-recognized partner in management of deceased account process

Probate Recovery Systems aids health systems across the nation in implementing a compliant system for estate asset recovery from deceased patients. The goal is to boost growing revenue while maintaining best practices to assist estates in settling their accounts.

Recover more reimbursements

CMS audits are increasing and jeopardizing reimbursement dollars due to non-compliance with probate and estate recovery procedures. Without proven processes and procedures, healthcare providers risk losing millions in reimbursement. Protection of these dollars through effective compliance is critical.

Our Claims Finder is a robust product that provides an all-encompassing probate claim support process and protects you from a surprise audit by ensuring that all deceased patients, no matter where they passed, receive national estate searches.

Experienced team

Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals is specifically focused on decedent recoveries, bringing a depth of knowledge to our service.

Proven process

We employ a well-established and compliant audit process, meticulously designed to effectively mitigate potential risks.

Nationwide coverage

We offer nationwide probate and deceased identification coverage through collaborative vendor partnerships aimed at protecting the interests of our clients.

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